Musical Instrument Museum (MEM) Istanbul

Maide Aybala Petek, William Alsop
Music retained a very important position for Turkish military, public and religious life throughout thousand years of Turkish history. Istanbul is an art centre along history, where the infinite composers have lived and were highly developed. This thesis proposes a Musical Instruments Museum design for Turkey in Istanbul. Absence of a Museum pertaining Classical Turkish Music, which is among a few well-known classical music in the point of generating tradition and permanence, is a big loss. The
more » ... project, which is going to be prepared, has been set while considering it was not ever built in Istanbul. European Council has confirmed the museum in 2006 and it came to the fore in 2010 once again, because of Istanbul has been designated as The European Capital of Culture in the mentioned year and also that year was 400th anniversary of Ali Ufki Bey's birth. I have chosen the area for location which is currently used as a multi-storey car park in Beyoglu. This place that is known as 'Pera' stands for 'up' in ancient Greek language. I aimed to create an appropriate centre in this area which is very central both for Istanbul residents and tourists, accommodating functions such as caffé, archive, and study or experience workshops in where visitors may know and learn the instruments; and a centre which corresponds the Musical Complex idea in Turkish Culture. The building has been interpreted organically with musical waves in its form. The large bright fields inside are representing the relieving atmosphere given by Dom in Turkish culture.
doi:10.34726/hss.2016.26787 fatcat:2tjvpd4lfrdy7fmccutstyuusu