The Sandars Readership in Bibliography

1895 Library  
The selection of the author's initials as a heading is forbidden by the Commissioners, who quote what they consider the awful example of the Museum Catalogue, where 193 columns are devoted to initials ending with the letter B. We do not call to mind any cases in French like A.L.O.EL, or A.K.H.B. in English literature, where the initials are known to thousands who have never heard of Tucker or Boyd, so perhaps the French system is justified. Still, when we consider the motives of secrecy,
more » ... tion, and so forth, that led to the appearance of books under initials, it will be admitted that to collect such under one heading is to afford a rare feast for the curious and all-devouring bookworm. The Commission appear to think that if four persons write a book they are severally responsible for it, and it must go with the books that appear under authors' names, but the addition of a fifth turns the party into an unsavable. and unkickable corporation, and its production appears under Division a. (3) Groups of Special Works.-The Oriental books, except those with a title translated, will not enter into the general catalogue. The translation of the title is surely an accident; one would have thought that the regulation should have depended on the translation of the text The Museum Catalogue admits all Bibles, Oriental or not, but the Bibliotheque apparently only Hebrew Bibles. Music, factums " (a kind of printed legal plea) and theses will also form separate catalogues at some distant date. As to the size of the future catalogue, the Commission look forward to publishing eighty volumes in quarto, of 800 pages, each volume containing 33,000 entries, making a total of over two millions and a-hal£ As little is said is the catalogue about cross-references, except from ascertained authors of anonymous books, it looks as if the preponderance of numbers generally ascribed to the Bibliotheque Nationale was smaller than is supposed. The Commissioners hope to go to press with the first part of A at the end of the present year; in the interests of knowledge it is to be hoped that there will be no hitch in the proceedings.
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