Enhancing Taekwondo Pedagogy through Multiple Intelligence Theory

John Johnson, John Dr, Johnson
2016 IDO MOVEMENT FOR CULTURE. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology   unpublished
Background. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory (MI) is one of the leading psychological theories taught in teacher training, yet little research has explored how it can be applied to martial arts. Public school teachers of all subjects, including Physical Education, have successfully incorporated MI into their classrooms, so there can be little doubt as to its potential for success in Taekwondo. Problem. Successful learning of Taekwondo is not only be measured in how quickly and well
more » ... ow quickly and well students acquire the art's skills but in their ability to adhere to the art's philosophies as well. To ensure Taekwondo practice is more than just beneficial to one's physical health, instructors should make their lessons applicable to students' daily lives. Methods. This paper examines how MI can be applied to Taekwondo's philosophy of self-cultivation. Three sample plans are provided to illustrate how instructors can teach Taekwondo physical skills and philosophy simultaneously. Results. All teachers can maximize their students' acquisition of knowledge or skills by incorporating MI into their lesson plans. MI is an effective means for teaching Taekwondo and its philosophy of self-cultivation, because it can aid in creating dynamic and personalized learning experiences. The results of this study indicate MI can facilitate the instruction of Taekwondo philosophy. Conclusions. Taekwondo instructors can become more effective in disseminating their art's self-cultivation philosophy by identifying students' specific intelligences to provide personal guidance. Instructors need to communicate in a way that best benefits the learner. It is evident that failing to focus on the self-cultivation ideologies of Taekwondo philosophy could lead students to believe that the art was solely for destructive purposes. Instructors only need to give students a quick incentive to explore Taekwondo's self-cultivation philosophy for themselves.