MBE Growth and Characterization of a III-V Distributed Bragg Reflectors and InAs Quantum Dots

J.G. Rousset, T. Słupinski, T. Jakubczyk, J. Kobak, P. Stawicki, K. Gołasa, A. Babinski, M. Nawrocki, W. Pacuski
2012 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
We describe the realization and characterization of a distributed Bragg reectors and InAs quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The distributed Bragg reectors are based on a stack of eight or twenty pairs of GaAs and AlAs layers with a stopband centered at about E0 = 1.24 eV (λ0 = 1000 nm). The whole structures exhibit a reectivity coecient above 90%. The growth rate was monitored in situ by measurement of the oscillations of the thermal emission intensity. The investigations conducted
more » ... igations conducted on the InAs quantum dots grown on GaAs show photoluminescence around E = 1.25 eV (λ = 990 nm). The combination of these two elements results in the realization of a microcavity containing InAs quantum dots and surrounded by 20 pairs of distributed Bragg reectors.
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.122.984 fatcat:xcuxfivk3ngz7om267w5mlkj7i