Strategies of Scattering and Dislocation of a Letter in Ewa Partum's Performances

2022 Art inquiry. Recherches sur les arts  
Artistic activities with a letter remain, in a way, on the margins of academic focuses, as they reveal themselves on the boundary of several disciplines: literature, concrete poetry, typography, performance or conceptual art. In this article, I focus on the use of the dislocation strategy and scattering of a letter on the example of Ewa Partum's selected performances, such as: The Poetic License Area, poem by ewa, or Active Poetry. Ulysses J. Joyce. In this analysis, I draw upon the following
more » ... eoretical anchors: the great theory of literacy, functions of signs indicated by Derrida, which I applied to search for the potential of letters as signs, and the deepening of a feminist perspective with a postcolonial research spectrum. The research perspective presented in this article allowed me to extract new meanings hiding in a letter, which resulted in Ewa Partum's performances being reinterpreted. The text is divided according to the leading aspects related to the applied strategy of scattering: spreading (around), sowing (around), moving (around) and sending (around).
doi:10.26485/ai/2022/24/9 fatcat:yuqcoj4mqzc6pdjrdpnkjhcucy