pH-Directed Aggregation to Control Photoconductivity in Self-Assembled Perylene Bisimides

Emily R. Draper, Benjamin J. Greeves, Michael Barrow, Ralf Schweins, Martijn A. Zwijnenburg, Dave J. Adams
2017 Chem  
Perylene bisimides (PBIs) are one example of useful p-conjugated molecules that can be used in optoelectronic devices as n-type materials with strong visible light absorption. PBIs can self-assemble into a range of structures, but it is rare to be able to control the packing such that the same PBI can form either H-type or J-type aggregates. This is important because the conductivity pathways and optoelectronic properties are directly affected by this packing. Here, we show that we can control
more » ... hat we can control the packing of a single PBI functionalized with an amino acid by a subtle change in pH. Under one set of conditions, H-type aggregates form a gel when the pH is decreased. At a slightly different set of starting conditions, J-type aggregates are formed, but they cannot form a gel when the pH is lowered. We show that films formed from the self-assembled structures have very different photoconductive properties.
doi:10.1016/j.chempr.2017.03.022 fatcat:4ukdopzewfe4rgdxbps3icrpwe