THE REGION IMAGE: Specifics, Basic Elements and Technologies of Formation

Irina G. Napalkova, Ksenia V. Kurochkina
2018 Economic History  
Introduction. The efficiency of functioning of market processes is defined both by partnership and by the interregional competition in modern Russia. Strengthening of responsibility of regions for results of regional economic growth stimulates the aspiration to be allocated among similar, to strengthen and expand positions in the market, to create high-cost idea of the positioned territory induces regional authorities to pay special attention to formation and advance of the region image as a
more » ... egion image as a real administrative resource. Owing to the fact that the image is the result of purposeful information and communicative activity success of the named problem solution depends on research and development in the sphere of imagology and also understanding degree of formation mechanisms of the region image by power structures, the attracted technologies of its positive formation and correction, creating of steady presence in the information space what actualize the stated perspective. In this regard a main objective of this work is the theoretical and methodological analysis of the region image studying, in the context of determination of the main research categories in relation to the territory; definitions of the image analysis elements and description of the technologies designing the region image. Materials and Methods. The structural analysis, functional, system, axiological approaches and a hermeneutical paradigm acted as the theoretical and methodological strategy of the research. Results. Research approaches to understanding of the terms «image», «brand», «reputation» are analyzed. So, the image of the territory is understood as the complex image, which is purposefully formed by special communicative technologies in this work, proceeding from the available territorial resources and advanced among representatives of target groups. As the major image-forming factors are considered: natural and geographical characteristics, tendencies and orientation of the political sphere development, level of regional economy development and its investment potential; interregional and international relations; condition of the social and demographic sphere; identity of historical and cultural traditions; ethno national and ethno confessional originality of the region; level of the realized information policy, etc. Discussion and conclusions. Distinguish advertising, PR and branding are the most often used image technologies. Their level of development gives the chance of diversification now being guided by the customer and conditions of realization. In the conditions of virtualization of policy for the federal center the secondary image of the territory arising in the course of the interregional competition becomes a peculiar estimated means of efficiency of activity of regional leaders and state governing bodies. At the same time, despite understanding of the importance, ultimate goals and strategy by the regional authorities, a complex – from development until monitoring – the territorial image policy is not implemented. Most often development of appeal of the territory is connected with separate actions or PR-programs of formation of a favorable investment image, climate. The received results of this research become prerequisites for further studying of a phenomenon of image of territories in the context of studying deepening of experience of certain Russian regions, its applied analysis Keywords: territory, region, territorial image, PR-program, territorial branding, image making, visualization.
doi:10.15507/2409-630x.043.014.201804.414-429 fatcat:xeucqnwypng2pj2lv33dgvdwha