Ferric reductase, superoxide dismutase and alkaline phosphatase activities in siderophore producing fungi

Arefa Baakza, B P Dave, H C Dube
2004 Indian journal of experimental biology  
Enzymes associated with release of iron from internalized ferrated siderophore (ferrisiderophore reductase), with damage to the cell at high iron concentration (superoxide dismutase) and siderophore synthesis (alkaline phosphatase), were examined in 3 test fungi viz., Aspergillus sp. ABp4, Aureobasidium pullulans and Rhizopus sp. Extracellular ferrisiderophore reductase activity was present in all the three fungi, but Aureobasidium pullulans, that showed the highest activity (84.3 microM
more » ... ), was the only one to produce intra-cellular ferric reductase (147.9 microM min(-1)). Superoxide dismutase was produced by Aureobasidium pullulans and Rhizopus sp., but not by Aspergillus sp. ABp4, that showed intra-cellular enzyme activity in case of ferric reductase and alkaline phosphatase. Maximum SOD activity was seen in Aureobasidium pullulans both extra-cellularly (93.83 ng ml(-1)) and intra-cellularly (57.14 ng ml(-1)). All the test fungi examined, produced intra-cellular alkaline phosphatase. There was no extracellular alkaline phosphatase. Among the three fungi, Aureobasidium pullulans showed highest alkaline phosphatase activity (129.9 microM min(-1)) and Aspergillus sp. ABp4 the least (76.4 microM min(-1)).
pmid:15282958 fatcat:papv5znfzjcu5ilymbk6qcsoiq