OSM-DSSE: A Searchable Encryption Scheme with Hidden Search Patterns and Access Patterns [post]

Hong Liu, Xueqin Li, Erchuan Guo, Yunpeng Xiao, Tun Li
2021 unpublished
Dynamic searchable encryption methods allow a client to perform searches and updates over encrypted data stored in the cloud. However, existing researches show that the general dynamic searchable symmetric encryption (DSSE) scheme is vulnerable to statistical attacks due to the leakage of search patterns and access patterns, which is detrimental to protecting the users' privacy. Although the traditional Oblivious Random Access Machine (ORAM) can hide the access pattern, it also incurs
more » ... so incurs significant communication overhead and cannot hide the search pattern. These limitations make it difficult to deploy the ORAM method in real cloud environments. To overcome this limitation, a DSSE scheme called obliviously shuffled incidence matrix DSSE (OSM-DSSE) is proposed in this paper to access the encrypted data obliviously. The OSM-DSSE scheme realizes efficient search and update operations based on an incidence matrix. In particular, a shuffling algorithm using Paillier encryption is combined with 1-out-of-n obliviously transfer (OT) protocol and local differential privacy to obfuscate the search targets. Besides, a formalized security analysis and performance analysis on the proposed scheme is provided, which indicates that the OSM-DSSE scheme achieves high security, efficient searches, and low storage overhead. Also, this scheme not only completely hides the search and access patterns but also provides adaptive security against malicious attacks by adversaries. Furthermore, experimental results show that the OSM-DSSE scheme obtains 3-4x better execution efficiency than the state-of-art solutions.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-253711/v1 fatcat:nhofalxlo5cgpdu5xnzmcjjfwa