Comparison of toxicological and radiological aspects of K basins sludge [report]

1999 unpublished
Distribution Nuclear Safely NIA I. Roj.lRog.iDcptlDiv.: Spent Nuclear Fuel P. D. Rittmann NIA 9. Equip./Component No.: B. originator R&s: NIA IO. SysIdBldg./Fwility: K Basins NIA NIA 7. Pumhase h d c r No.: For approval and release. II. Receiver Re& 12. Major Aasm Dwg. No.: I I A D ~i p B . M l i m DoEument? [ ] Yea [x] No 13. PmiIJPmnit Applioltion No.: P a w 1 Of -1 EDT 626895 19. 20. d.
doi:10.2172/798141 fatcat:qbh43swl2zcexhllmefjvk2mdu