Improving Preemptive Scheduling with Application-Transparent Checkpointing in Shared Clusters

Jack Li, Calton Pu, Yuan Chen, Vanish Talwar, Dejan Milojicic
2015 Proceedings of the 16th Annual Middleware Conference on - Middleware '15  
Modern data center clusters are shifting from dedicated single framework clusters to shared clusters. In such shared environments, cluster schedulers typically utilize preemption by simply killing jobs in order to achieve resource priority and fairness during peak utilization. This can cause significant resource waste and delay job response time. In this paper, we propose using suspend-resume mechanisms to mitigate the overhead of preemption in cluster scheduling. Instead of killing preempted
more » ... killing preempted jobs or tasks, our approach uses a system level, application-transparent checkpointing mechanism to save the progress of jobs for resumption at a later time when resources are available. To reduce the preemption overhead and improve job response times, our approach uses adaptive preemption to dynamically select appropriate preemption mechanisms (e.g., kill vs. suspend, local vs. remote restore) according to the progress of a task and its suspend-resume overhead. By leveraging fast storage technologies, such as non-volatile memory (NVM), our approach can further reduce the preemption penalty to provide better QoS and resource efficiency. We implement the proposed approach and conduct extensive experiments via Google cluster trace-driven simulations and applications on a Hadoop cluster. The results demonstrate that our approach can significantly reduce the resource and power usage and improve application performance over existing approaches. In particular, our implementation on the next generation Hadoop YARN platform achieves up to a 67% reduction in resource wastage, 30% improvement in overall job response time times and 34% reduction in energy consumption over the current YARN scheduler.
doi:10.1145/2814576.2814807 dblp:conf/middleware/LiPCTM15 fatcat:2w4fmqvjvzgknfszyzq4xpiwp4