Study on metalliged die by EDM

Nagao SAITO, Naotake MOHRI, Toshiaki ETOH, Hirosada OHTAKE
1986 Journal of The Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers  
This paper describes a new method to make metallized die by EDM. In this process, the three dimensional stainless steel core by cutting process is used as a model in stainless steel metallizing process and also used as an electrode in EDM on to the backed-up metallized shell. This core is also used as one of the die sets in injection molding. With this process die can be produced rapidly with high relative accuracy. The main results in this paper are as follows (1) The removal rate of sprayed
more » ... tal in EDM increases by several times of that in the case of the original metal sprayed, stainless steel. (2) And in the case of EDM to sprayed metal, the low-wear EDM is realized because the thermal conductivity of sprayed metal decreases to about a third of that of the original metal sprayed owing to its porosity. (3) The final surface roughness and the hardness of sprayed metal are 0.4um Rmax and 600HV 0.2 respectively. (4) The relative accuracy between cavity and core is improved to less than 10um after EDM. ( 5 ) The result of a trial plastic injection molding using this die shows that this method is effective to apply to rapid die making for mass production.
doi:10.2526/jseme.19.38_12 fatcat:j7jidsma2rexjl622z3koilps4