Nonlinear exceptional-point lasing with ab initio Maxwell–Bloch theory

Mohammed Benzaouia, A. D. Stone, Steven G. Johnson
2022 APL Photonics  
We present a general analysis for finding and characterizing nonlinear exceptional point (EP) lasers above threshold using steady-state ab initio Maxwell–Bloch equations. For a system of coupled slabs, we show that a nonlinear EP is obtained for a given ratio between the external pumps in each resonator and that it is associated with a kink in the output power and lasing frequency, confirming coupled-mode theory predictions. Through numerical linear stability analysis, we confirm that the EP
more » ... er can be stable for a large enough inversion relaxation rate. We further show that the EP laser can be characterized by scattering a weak signal off the lasing cavity so that the scattering frequency spectrum exhibits a quartic divergence. Our approach can be applied to arbitrary scatterers with multi-level gain media.
doi:10.1063/5.0105963 fatcat:ewm2hdu7drdtpcu6mz6ddzwom4