IoT Hierarchical Topology Strategy and Intelligentize Evaluation System of Diesel Engine in Complexity Environment

Jiangshan Liu, Ming Chen, Tangfeng Yang, Jie Wu
2018 Sensors  
In complex discrete manufacturing environment, there used to be a poor network and an isolated information island in production line, which led to slow information feedback and low utilization ratio, hindering the construction of enterprise intelligence. To solve these problems, uncertain factors in the production process and demands of sensor network were analyzed; hierarchical topology design method and the deployment strategy of the complexity industrial internet of things were proposed; and
more » ... a big data analysis model and a system security protection system based on the network were established. The weight of each evaluation index was calculated using analytic hierarchy process, which established the intelligentized evaluation system and model. An actual production scene was also selected to validate the feasibility of the method. A diesel engine production workshop and the enterprise MES were used as an example to establish a network topology. The intelligence level based on both subjective and objective factors were evaluated and analyzed considering both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Analysis results show that the network topology design method and the intelligentize evaluation system were feasible, could improve the intelligence level effectively, and the network framework was expansible. related to the topology design and the data transmission strategy [9, 10] . However, there are some uncertainties in the complexity environment, so the topology strategy and design method of the IIoT network are strictly required. Designers are usually not concerned with the network structure, thus network performance decreased when there are many data, and could even shut down due to security problems, thus influence the intelligence level of an enterprise [11, 12] . To solve this problem, our contribution is to further improve the IIoT network performance. We present a hierarchical topology design method and the deployment strategy of the complexity IIoT network, which concerns the uncertain factors and sensor network demands. The big data analysis model and system security protection system are established. Based on the network topology structure model, the AHP method is used to calculate the weight of each evaluation index and establish the intelligentize evaluation model. The rest of this article is organized as follows. First, the research status of the network is introduced from several aspects, and the contributions and shortcomings of each researcher in the network topology are analyzed. Then, the present situation and existing problems in diesel engine enterprise is analyzed, and the uncertain factors in production process are determined. After that, the topology strategy of IIoT network and evaluation of intelligentized manufacturing is designed, including hierarchical structure of network, big data analysis model, security protection system based on network and evaluation model of intelligent evaluation index, which is analyzed by AHP method. Then, the IIoT network topology strategy in diesel engine enterprise is designed, including foundry workshop, machining workshop and workshop MES. Finally, a case is presented to analyze the intelligentized level of the enterprise. The results show that the method proposed in the article can comprehensively test and evaluate the level of enterprise intelligence.
doi:10.3390/s18072224 pmid:29996560 pmcid:PMC6068506 fatcat:zpqfzi5nhrfw5frov4dvpb4zhe