Study on Resolution and Analysis Method of Stripping Voltammetric Overlapped Peaks

F.S. Wang, B. Wang, X.H. Sun, X.Y. He, Z.J. Cai
2015 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
For overlapped peaks in stripping voltammetric wave, put forward a post-processing analysis method which made mathematical theory combined with computer technology, namely a resolution algorithm based on nonlinear fitting. The method on the basis of the existing instrument and some experimental data, depend on certain mathematics theory, with the help of the computer powerful processing ability, to mathematical analysis the overlapped peaks data. It process mathematical decomposition aim to
more » ... rate the overlapped peaks which instrument can't separate and decompose the overlapped peaks into each independent child- peak shape. By analyzing the peak position, peak height, peak width and peak area of independent child- peak, to estimate information such as the nature and content of the corresponding component. Simulation result and experiments demonstrate that the novel technique beats stripping voltammetric overlapped peaks, experimental hardware requirements relatively not so strict and the resolution effect present better performance.
doi:10.3303/cet1546201 doaj:e6b4fe31801144749cbf8e0752cf116e fatcat:mhbhtmevznhaja5yey7rkvn7ky