Photodegradation of Methylene Blue and Rhodamine B Using Laser-Synthesized ZnO Nanoparticles

Damjan Blažeka, Julio Car, Nikola Klobučar, Andrea Jurov, Janez Zavašnik, Andrea Jagodar, Eva Kovačević, Nikša Krstulović
2020 Materials  
In this paper we examined the photocatalytic efficiency of a laser-synthesized colloidal solution of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation in water. The average size of the obtained colloidal ZnO nanoparticles is about 47 nm. As revealed by electron microscopy, other nanostructures were also present in the colloidal solution, especially nanosheets. A photocatalytic degradation of UV-irradiated Methylene Blue and Rhodamine B solutions of different concentration in the presence of
more » ... e presence of different ZnO catalyst mass concentrations was studied in order to examine their influence on photodegradation rates. ZnO nanoparticles have shown high photocatalytic efficiency, which is limited due to different effects related to UV light transmittivity through the colloidal solution. Therefore, increasing catalyst concentration is effective way to increase photocatalytic efficiency up to some value where photodegradation rate saturation occurs. The photodegradation rate increases as the dye concentration decreases. These findings are important for water purification applications of laser-synthesized ZnO nanoparticles.
doi:10.3390/ma13194357 pmid:33008048 fatcat:xfozrhjmubdu7cubztqzit46vm