Hormonal levels after ovarian X-irradiation of ewes

1983 Reproduction nutrition development (Print)  
This paper reports the effects of X-irradiation on ovulation rate, cyclicity and progesterone and FSH levels in Ile-de-France ewes (4 control and 16 irradiated) after they were treated during the breeding season. The doses used (800 and 2 400 R) destroyed 50 % of all size classes of the follicular population. Ovulation occurred in 87 % of the treated ewes (ovulation rate = 1) when they were irradiated 24 h after luteolysis ; 78 % of the corpora lutea resulting from these ovulations were normal
more » ... ations were normal as to length and progesterone production. FSH in treated ewes started to increase 20 h after treatment and remained higher than in the controls until ovulation time. Later, while these levels were similar between groups on the day of ovulation, high ovulatory levels persisted in irradiated ewes. In the next cycles, the length of the follicular phases, ovulation rate and progesterone and FSH levels were similar between groups. Introduction.
doi:10.1051/rnd:19830510 fatcat:7e4eikfyurhkncrtpklwo4mi5i