QDs-Cavity Approach to Controlled Quantum Teleportation of GHZ-Like State

Kexiang Hu, Baiqi Jin, Qingkang Wang
2010 Nano Biomedicine and Engineering  
The experimental scheme for controlled quantum teleportation of tripartite GHZ-like state is presented. With the entanglement generating through the interaction between the quantum dots in microcavities and a single photon, the controlled teleportation can be realized by virtue of Faraday rotation, single photon detection and electron spin orientation measurement. The success probability of the scheme can reach 1 if the cavities are switchable to choice the appropriate Faraday rotation angle.
more » ... y rotation angle. The scheme can be easily generalized to the teleportation of multipartite GHZ-like state.
doi:10.5101/nbe.v2i2.p109-116 fatcat:fjn6ktjervfzhpmvkuejlcrs24