Acknowledgments [chapter]

2019 Crusading Peace  
If one were to study acknowledgments in academic books, thanking wives (much more than husbands) would probably be the most interesting subject. For instance, they most often come last-even if "last but not least." I want to thank my wife, Julia Elyachar Mastnak, first because my first and foremost debt is to her. For long years, working on this book-with all the strain it has put on our daily life, the support it needed, and the sacrifices it required-has been our mutual undertaking. The form
more » ... ertaking. The form and the substance of what is written in these pages would have been weaker, confused, and confusing without her help. Every word in this book carries the trace of her eye, many have been changed by her pen, and the arguments they present were either formed or refined through discussion with her over many versions of this text. Thanks of a special kind are due to four people. I am grateful to Lynne Jones for her intellectual and moral support at the beginning of this project, and for her commentary on a subsequent version of the first chapter. Throughout my work on this book Igor Kramberger was most generous with his time, his wide-ranging knowledge, and his collection of books. He also helped with formatting and printing out the final manuscript. Dorothea von Moltke's comments on a portion of a previous version encouraged me to rewrite the entire text and bring it close to its current form. My friendship with her and with Cliff Simms sustained me in many ways during the long years of work on this book. Ruth Turner ix Acknowledgments
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