Hyers–Ulam Stability of Order k for Euler Equation and Euler–Poisson Equation in the Calculus of Variations

Daniela Marian, Sorina Anamaria Ciplea, Nicolaie Lungu
2022 Mathematics  
In this paper, we define and study Hyers–Ulam stability of order 1 for Euler's equation and Hyers–Ulam stability of order m−1 for the Euler–Poisson equation in the calculus of variations in two special cases, when these equations have the form y″(x)=f(x) and y(m)(x)=f(x), respectively. We prove some estimations for Jyx−Jy0x, where y is an approximate solution and y0 is an exact solution of the corresponding Euler and Euler-Poisson equations, respectively. We also give two examples.
doi:10.3390/math10152556 fatcat:siljeyk7dje6njsznzex7d4yjy