Çanakkale Cephesi'nden Millî Mücadele'ye Bir Gazi: Maraşlı Mustafa Kuşçu

2021 Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi  
The series of wars that continued with the Tripoli and Balkan Wars, in which the Ottoman Empire was involved, continued with the First World War, and the Ottoman Empire, which was defeated at the end of the war, entered the process of de facto collapse. In this period, as a result of the war and defeats, the state faced major problems. In addition to these, thousands of children of the country were martyred in the fronts, some of them were sentenced to captivity, and some of them were orphaned.
more » ... After the First World War, the Turkish Nation had to enter a new struggle in the face of the occupation of the Ottoman lands. In this sense, the National Struggle was the last struggle of the Turkish nation to hold on and exist in the Anatolian geography. In this process, the Turkish nation has endured poverty with its men and women in unity on the fronts and behind the front, and gave an extraordinary struggle. Of course, those most affected in this process are the thousands of soldiers who participated in the battles and their relatives. The person mentioned in this article is one of the soldiers who were on the Çanakkale Front. This person is Mustafa Kuşçu, born in Maraş. His life story, which passed from Çanakkale to the National Struggle, will be tried to be revealed. The writing of the life stories of the veterans who fought in some fronts before and during the National Struggle, carrying historical exemplary personalities to the present and the future, and especially finding a place in the imagination of the people are of great importance in terms of the formation and enrichment of historical understanding..
doi:10.33437/ksusbd.983535 fatcat:qm62aamnfva3li2ubt3lsevsla