Computational Thinking im kompetenzorientierten Informatikunterricht (5. AHS)

Martha Ruhsam
2018 unpublished
Computational Thinking (= CT) represents a large number of methods and models which facilitate the handling of complex problems and tasks. Without this necessary support devising corresponding solutions would be impossible. (Wing, 2006: p. 33) The first main chapter of this thesis introduces the term "Computational Thinking" and explains a variety of existing methods and models. In addition, recent progress on the adoption of CT in educational systems is identified, considering Switzerland and
more » ... he European Union focusing particularly on Austria. Furthermore, several tools and companies supporting the development of CT are presented. The discussion regarding the terms related to "Kompetenzorientierung" as well as the description of the requirements for "Kompetenzorientierung" in Austria's computer science curriculum lay the foundation for the last part of this thesis: a collection of compiled teaching units including a critical reflection of the conducted lessons and the corresponding materials.
doi:10.25365/thesis.51187 fatcat:phzhupnoobdh3et6wj7u64z5ji