An Overview on Recent Developments in the Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of High Dielectric Constant Calcium Copper Titanate Nano-Particles

K.D Mandal
2014 Nanoscience & Technology Open Access  
The potential demand for miniaturization of electrical and electronic devices has raised a serious challenge for the development of capacitors with high dielectric constant and low loss. The high dielectric constant calcium copper titanate, CaCu 3 Ti 4 O 12 (CCTO), and its isomorphs have attracted much attention for the development of promising capacitor materials for electronic industries. Improving the synthetic technology and dielectric properties of these materials is a current focus of
more » ... urrent focus of research and development in the area of materials chemistry. Because of their improved properties due to size and structure, the nanometer-sized particles (with dimensions smaller than 100 nm) have attracted considerable interest for a wide variety of applications, including electronics, ceramics and as catalysts. The wet chemical methods provide atomic level mixing of individual components and result in the formation of nano-crystalline materials at much lower temperature compared to solid state reactions. Many chemical methods, such as, sol-gel, co-precipitation, precursor solution technique, hydrothermal process, carbo-thermal reduction, microwave heating, spray pyrolysis, co-precipitation and microemulsion drying are already reported for the synthesis of CCTO ceramics. The present communication gives a current overview of the synthetic procedures used for the production of CCTO and doped derivatives. In addition to already established conventional routes of preparation, alternative procedures are also outlined.
doi:10.15226/2374-8141/1/1/00110 fatcat:ss6g6xsizzcwzhhtavf2ebl7qa