Deep Capsule Network Handwritten Digit Recognition

Yuxing Tan, Hongge Yao
2021 International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring, and Controls  
Aiming at the weakness of CNN that is not sensitive to the changes of relative position and angle, a method of digital handwritten recognition based on deep capsule network is researched. The capsule network represents multiple attributes of an entity through a group of capsules composed of neurons, which effectively preserves the information about the position and posture of the entity. Dynamic routing algorithm makes the information interaction between capsules more clearly, and can determine
more » ... , and can determine the pose of the entity more accurately. While solving the shortcomings of convolutional neural networks, it also integrates the advantages of CNN and considers the relative position of it's lack, so that the recognition effect is improved. The design implements a deep capsule network, reduces the amount of trainable parameters by changing the size of the convolution kernel, expands on the original network structure, adds a convolution after the convolution layer, and a process of dynamic routing on the main dynamic routing is added, and the number of iterations is changed for experimentation, which makes the accuracy of network recognition higher on the MNIST data set.
doi:10.21307/ijanmc-2020-031 fatcat:4o6ftgcsffhfnip3xswraktdve