Філософія Освіти У Сша Та Великій Британії: Теоретичний Аспект

Н.М. Биць
2015 Zenodo  
In the article the development of philosophical views on education in Anglo-American environment is considered. The evolution of philosophy of education as a separate branch of philosophical knowledge from its beginnings in philosophical and pedagogical ideas of John Dewey - the founder of the Anglo-American tradition of philosophy of education is tracked. Philosophy of Education Societies in the USA and Great Britain promote the philosophic treatment of educational practice. The positions of
more » ... The positions of modern English-speaking philosophers of education are reported. Anglo-American philosophy of education experience attracts Ukrainian scholars. In Ukraine, the philosophy of education develops as a branch of humanitarian knowledge and represents a problem field of scientific research.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.22408 fatcat:3oi6nbckwfhqxaf6zymtiwgic4