Inclination State on the Philippine Culture and Arts Using the Appraisal Theory: Factors of Progress and Deterioration

Carrie Danae BRAVO, Feliz Danielle DİMALANTA, Kate Ashley JUSAY, Martina Ysabel VİTUG, Almighty TABUENA
2022 Participatory Educational Research  
389-art appreciation. On the contrary, they adapted more to the culture and arts of other countries than to cultural roots due to factors that cause it to deteriorate such as foreign cultures and modern technologies adaptation, lack of knowledge and participation, and the primordialism of ethnocentrism. The researchers assessed that the theory exposed understanding emotions as it is evident that the respondents can reframe others with their beliefs and values towards Philippine culture and arts.
doi:10.17275/per. fatcat:ye2nfv3si5etlfjjda3aj7cjje