A front end for ultra-intense OPCPA

J. Bromage, C. Dorrer, M. Millecchia, J. Bunkenburg, R. Jungquist, J. D. Zuegel
LLE is developing the technologies necessary for an ultra-intense OPCPA system pumped by OMEGA EP (kilojoule-class, Nd:glass laser) • A sequence of noncollinear optical parametric amplifiers (NOPA's) is seeded by white-light continuum (WLC) generated in YAG -200 nm of spectral support (160-nm FWHM) -compressible to 13 fs (temporal Strehl ≥ 0.7) • A broadband cylindrical Öffner stretcher has been developed and built -benefits beyond those proposed by Itatani et al.* -better spatiotemporal and
more » ... atiotemporal and contrast properties than a standard spherical Öffner stretcher using a single grating A mid-scale optical parametric amplifier line (OPAL, 7.5 J, 15 fs, 10 21 W/cm 2 ) will demonstrate scalable technologies.
doi:10.1063/1.4736763 fatcat:5ybvjqjbsneplgai7uy6jghduq