Isovector-channel role of relativistic mean field models in the neutrino mean free path

A. Sulaksono, P. T. P. Hutauruk, T. Mart
2005 Physical Review C  
An improvement in the treatment of the isovector channel of relativistic mean field (RMF) models based on effective field theory (E-RMF) is suggested, by adding an isovector scalar (delta) meson and using a similar procedure to the one used by Horowitz and Piekarewicz to adjust the isovector-vector channel in order to achieve a softer density dependent symmetry energy of the nuclear matter at high density. Their effects on the equation of state (EOS) at high density and on the neutrino mean
more » ... e neutrino mean free path (NMFP) in neutron stars are discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.72.065801 fatcat:u7j2d2cclzfp3l3pghyrb2l64i