Queer migrtion politics: activist rethoric and coalitional possibilities, by Karma R. Chávez

Daniel Braga Nascimento
2020 Revista da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Federal de Uberlândia  
The book Queer migration politics: activist rhetoric and coalitional possibilities, written by Karma R. Chávez, addresses the work and actions of queer activists who aim to change or stress queer migration policy. The adopted methodology is to analyze the activist rhetoric in the public space and the role played by the activists in the construction of queer migration policies. Through her approach, the author presents political and strategic approaches to the theme, presenting the idea of
more » ... g the idea of ​​coalition as an alternative to mainstream LGBT immigration movements and to the utopian politics of some queer theories. In this sense, the book here reviewed is deemed relevant as it contributes to the studies on activist's rhetoric and the protection of the LGBT migrant community.
doi:10.14393/rfadir-v48n2a2020-50533 fatcat:e72sj6s5f5dgzcijlrucnr44ge