Effect of hyaluronic acid on the organogenesis of an Oncidium cultivar

S. Sharmin, K. Shimasaki, A. F. M. Jamal Uddin, M. M. Alam
2020 Journal of Bioscience and Agriculture Research  
Protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) multiplication is one of the most preferable in vitro methods to increase the number of orchids in a short time. The current investigation was conducted to understand the impact of two types of hyaluronic acid (HA12 and HA20) using various concentrations on the regeneration of Oncidium Aloha 'Iwanaga'. The highest number of PLBs were found at 0.1mg/l of HA12 (20.7/explant) and HA20 (23.1/explant) respectively. The highest number of shoots were found at 0.1mg/l of
more » ... 2 (2.1/explant) and HA20 (3.5/explant) respectively. The highest formation rate of PLBs and shoots was found in both hyaluronic acids at 0.1mg/l. No root formation was observed. The highest fresh weight was obtained with 0.1mg/l HA12 (195.5mg) and 0.1mg/l HA20 (212.3mg) respectively. So use of hyaluronic acid could be a potential source of PLB proliferation within short time in Oncidium Aloha 'Iwanaga'.
doi:10.18801/jbar.240220.247 fatcat:xmkn7il5unbqdnyvyf4svpc7gq