Recultivated lands are a reserve for livestock feed
Рекультивированные земли как резерв кормовой базы животноводства

Regina Osipenko, Yuriy Zaripov, Sergey Zalesov
2021 Agrarian Bulletin of the  
Abstract. The purpose is to establish the possibility of using mined brick clay pits for grazing livestock and preparing animal feed. The paper deals with the investigation of the above ground phytomass field layer (Fh) being formed dusing the natural growth of mined brick clay pits. Methodology. Species composition of the projective cover and aboveground phytomass were established on the counting areas of 0.5 × 0.5 sizes evenly spaced on the bottom and slopes of pit. At each of the quarry
more » ... nts at least 30 registration sites were laid. In addition a similar number of registration sites were laid next to the quarry where clay was not mined. Researches were carried out in the district of pine-birch pre-forest steppe forests of the Trans Urals plain province, the west Siberian plain forest region. Results. It was found that the soil of mined out pits does not contain heavy metal and other chemical elements hazardous to animals. The total aboveground phetomass of Fh at the bottom and slopes of the quarry is 1101.1 and 812.6 kg/ha in absolutely dry, state, respectively. The total projective cover at the bottom of the quarry 3 years after the technical stage of reclamation is 64.7 % and on the slopes 42.5 %. The presence of meadow species in the composition, in particular of legumes family (Vicia cracca L.; V. hybridum L.; V. sativa L.; V. vernus L.; V. sylvatica L.; Trifolium pretense L.; T. lupinaster L.; T. repens L.; T. hybridum L.; T. medium L.; Lathyrus pratensis L.; Melilotu salbus Medikus; M. officinalis L. Pall.; Medicago lupulina L.) indicates a high feed value of FR. Scientific novelty. The transfer of mined out brick clay pits for temporary agricultural use will contribute at the formation of soil on the bottom and slopes of the quarry and ultimately, increase the productivity of future plantations.
doi:10.32417/1997-4868-2021-208-05-40-54 fatcat:nwuaeww4yfgr5ptrcknnkdbab4