Change in Microscopic Traffic Simulation Practice with Respect to the Emerging Automated Driving Technology

Xuan Fang, Tamás Tettamanti
2021 Periodica polytechnica. Civil engineering  
It is believed that autonomous vehicles will replace conventional human drive vehicles in the next decades due to the emerging autonomous driving technology, which will definitely bring a massive transformation in the road transport sector. Due to the high complexity of traffic systems, efficient traffic simulation models for the assessment of this disruptive change are critical. The objective of this paper is to justify that the common practice of microscopic traffic simulation needs thorough
more » ... evision and modification when it is applied with the presence of autonomous vehicles in order to get realistic results. Two high-fidelity traffic simulators (SUMO and VISSIM) were applied to show the sensitivity of microscopic simulation to automated vehicle's behavior. Two traffic evaluation indicators (average travel time and average speed) were selected to quantitatively evaluate the macro-traffic performance of changes in driving behavior parameters (gap acceptance) caused by emerging autonomous driving technologies under different traffic demand conditions.
doi:10.3311/ppci.17411 fatcat:r2wgi6w7aba4tpgbiatnong3uu