Estabelecimento in vitro e crescimento inicial de Physallis angulata (Solanaceae)

Lenaldo Muniz De Oliveira, Anderson De Carvalho Silva, Danilo Marcelo Santos Pereira, Angélica Maria Lucchese, José Raniere Ferreira De Santana
2013 SITIENTIBUS série Ciências Biológicas  
The aim of this study was to establish Physalis angulata in vitro and identify the best culture medium for germination and initial growth of the species. We assessed the germination, in vitro establishment and initial growth of its seedlings in different culture media (MS, WPM and ½MS). First, we evaluated the percentage, average time and speed index of germination 15 days after seed inoculation. Then, we evaluated the average number of roots and leaves, length of shoots and roots, and dry mass
more » ... roots, and dry mass of shoots, leaves and roots of seedlings 15, 30 and 45 days after seed inoculation. Germination started four days after inoculation and the choice of culture media did not affect germination. However, significant differences among culture media were found for most growth parameters evaluated. The culture media WPM and ½MS provide better initial growth of seedlings and these are recommended for the other stages of micropropagation of this species.
doi:10.13102/scb323 fatcat:w7baobgfwvgvveuymiugbvklx4