The Role of the Chemically Induced Polarization of Nuclei in Biology

Alexander Vol
2018 SPG BioMed  
There are many observations, scientific reports, and articles about the sensitivity of people, animals, plants, and bacteria to the Earth's Magnetic Field (EMF) and its perturbations -magnetic storms. There are also undesired effects of artificial sources of the extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-FMs) which have been formally evaluated, however, the mechanisms of such influence on health are not yet understood. A hypothesis is proposed here that the relatively long-lived chemically
more » ... uced dynamic polarization of nuclei in bio-molecules named nuclei magnetic memory (NMM) plays an important role in the nonlinear process of transfer and transformation of energy in cellular structures and organisms. Resonant interaction of the polarized nuclei inside and outside the biological molecules, interaction of molecules and nanobubbles with extremely weak static and extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MFs), dramatically improve a coupling and transfer energy between different levels of structural organization of cells and organisms, resulting in sensitivity of living matter to electromagnetic environments. The external magnetic field's influence is possible in a narrow range of magnetic flux density and probably at multimodal resonance.
doi:10.32392/biomed.26 fatcat:46jrtoqiovdyhnarhcywfzf3eq