Practical Undeniable Multiparty Drawing-Straw Protocol in Asynchronous Networks for Resource-Constrained Information Systems

Ching-Fang Hsu, Lein Harn, Zhe Xia, Hang Xu, Jinbo Xiong
2022 Security and Communication Networks  
The next generation of mobile networks and communications (5G networks) has a very strong ability to compute, store, and so on. Group-oriented applications demonstrate their potential ability in resource-constrained information systems (RISs) towards 5G. The security issues in RIS towards 5G have attracted great attention. For example, how to conduct fair and orderly multiparty communication in an intelligent transportation system (ITS). One of the main challenges for secure group-oriented
more » ... cations in RIS towards 5G is how to manage RIS communications fairly in multiparty applications. In other words, when the users cannot transmit their messages simultaneously, the order of their communication can cause security concerns in multiparty applications. A feasible solution to the problem is for the group of users to follow a specific order to transmit their messages. Otherwise, some users may take advantage over other users if there has no agreeable order to be followed. In this paper, we propose a novel cryptographic primitive, called multiparty drawing-straw (MDS) protocol, which can be used by a group of users to determine the order of the group to participate in the multiparty applications. Our scheme is based on Pedersen's verifiable secret sharing (VSS), which is a well-known scheme. Our proposed protocol is fair since the output is uniformly distributed, and this is an attractive feature for secure multiparty applications in RIS towards 5G.
doi:10.1155/2022/6841428 fatcat:pxr4mw5yjffqjh636xcenzjggy