Palladium Nanofiber Networks Hydrogen Sensor and Hydrogen-Actuated Switches [chapter]

Boyi Wang, Yong Zhu, Vien Huynh, Md. Ataur Rahman, Brian Hawkett, Sharath Sriram, Dzung Viet Dao
2018 Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies  
This paper presents a novel fabrication technique for hydrogen gas sensor based on polymer nanofiber and pure palladium metal. The polymer nanofiber was produced from 7 wt% poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) solution through electrospinning system. The multilayer PVA nanofibers was utilized as a substrate to create a networks of palladium nanofibers hydrogen sensor. The palladium nanofiber with a thickness of 30 nm was deposited on the surface of the multilayer PVA nanofibers by using E-beam evaporation
more » ... E-beam evaporation system and shadow mask. During the hydrogen detection test, the novel hydrogen sensor was presented as a set of hydrogen-actuated switches with high sensitivity. The fabrication process was simple and inexpensive, and the sensor can be massproduced.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-04290-5_12 fatcat:udb4dqsvzbdejgv46pjw3zkpqq