Diffuse threats : US counterterrorism as an anxious affective infrastructure [article]

Marnie Margaret Ritchie
How to thank everyone and everything that enabled this project? Giving thanks to a whole scene of invisible labor is an impossible task. Still, you've got to try. Many scholars made this dissertation possible. Dana Cloud continually called for me to connect my ideas to material conditions and write in the service of struggles against oppression. Dana, you have been such a force for change in the world, including in my life as I've grown through writing. Thank you for being there, every time. My
more » ... thanks are due to Josh Gunn who taught me that performative mastery is a productive illusion that gives way to ethics-to the silly, sacred, and frustrating incompleteness that drives how we relate to others. I am grateful for Diane Davis' fierce brilliance and kindheartedness, both of which sustained me throughout graduate school. I am indebted to Simone Browne for her insights about ethnography and her fearless academic questions. Sharon Jarvis has never failed to push my work into new areas of relevance and link it with new audiences. Barry Brummett taught me that having an object can be a wellspring of inspiration. Bradford Vivian's sensitivity to injustice makes me proud to have been his student. Thanks also to
doi:10.15781/t2f766s31 fatcat:b7yycoihvvgtlmmmnqizpk6twm