Blasts from the Preclassical Past: Why Contemporary Economics Education Should Listen to Preclassical Thought

Thomas A. Michaud
2019 Studia Gilsoniana  
Contemporary economics is dominated by logical positivism, a methodology that emphasizes empirical validation of theories but excludes normative evaluation. Preclassical economics was premised on normative analysis. With the growing socialist movement in the USA, especially among the millennials, who are fixated on moral issues of justice and equality, positive economics is alienated from addressing the normative challenges of socialism. There are, however, basic normative principles from
more » ... inciples from Preclassical thought which can be used to contest socialist moral claims, particularly in economics education.
doi:10.26385/sg.080434 doaj:6cdedc3a75f040f7b8b59c33597259fb fatcat:3s56dptlyfgw5ogwbcjnivjlsi