Perspective directions of mechanical power transmission research

Viktor Ivanov, Svitlana Ivanova, Georgi Tonkov, Galyna Urum, D.P. Karaivanov
2022 MATEC Web of Conferences  
A lot of publications are devoted to the study of gear transmission, which cover all the features of their design, operation and repair. An in-depth analysis of factors that were not taken into account a decade ago was carried out. The efficiency of the drive, taking into account air resistance, and the stress-strain state of the tooth, taking into account centrifugal deformations, were determined. Thus, there are constant complication of the tasks that researchers set themselves. At the same
more » ... me, recent achievements in the natural sciences have led to a narrowing of the field of use of gears. Thus, the electric motor replaced the internal combustion engine, which was an important object of research for mechanical engineers. The widespread use DC motors with speed control has led to the abandonment of gearboxes in electric vehicles and metalworking machines. Application of mechanical gears in devices. starting with ordinary watches, and ending with the mechanisms of computer disk drives, is a thing of the past. Further in-depth studies of gears, in some cases, don't make sense, since the object of research disappears. It is important to identify areas of research that remain relevant in the 21st century. First of all, these are transmission studies that use the latest achievements in other areas of science. These include: the use of new materials in gears; use of new forms of tooth profiles and longitudinal forms of the tooth, without technological restrictions; analysis of the operation of the gear drive based on indirect indicators - the spectrum of noise and thermal fields of housings. Also, the study of gears in which the tooth is a working body, such as chain conveyors and pumps, will never lose relevance. Or, in which the gear train combines a number of functions, for example, the worm gears of elevators, which reduce the angular velocity and serve as a fuse.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/202236601005 fatcat:em3wrm2q7bhglo6kpsxauxurty