First Record of the Long-Horned Beetle, Xylotrechus stebbingi Gahan 1906 (Cerambycidae: Coleoptera) Infesting Golden Shower Tree, Cassia fistula in Egypt

Nehal O. Swelam
2021 Journal of Applied Plant Protection  
The long-horned beetle, Xylotrechus stebbingi, Cerambycidae; Coleoptera was recorded for the first time on the golden shower tree, Cassia fistula at Shebin Elkom, Menoufia Governorate, Egypt during June 2019.Hole of about half-centimeter diameter was noticed in a branch of Cassia fistula tree and expected as insect injury. After observation, two insect individuals were observed and classified as male on 28 th of April 2020: and a female on the 1 st of May 2020. Morphological characters (front,
more » ... ntenna, elytra, and legs) were described under a dissecting stereoscopic microscope with a 10x lens. Photographic pictures were also taken with a mobile camera without zoom. The individuals were identified as the long-horned beetle, Xylotrechus stebbingiwith the aid of the key created by (Gahan, 1906) . Xylotrechus stebbingi length average as 2.2 cm in male and 1.9 cm in female. Corresponding figures for width is 0.6-0.5cm. Head of hypognathous position front covered with minute hairs with a V-shaped red-brown protrusion, compound eyes look like commas or curved water droplet, antenna filiform of 10 segments. Pronotum has three black spots in an inverted triangle, looks like a rabbit face, pronotal base part has 2 white spots distributed above the scutellum. The elytra have three transverse white lines; the base and the tip have more fuzz. Pro-femurs reach the first transverse elytra line, pro-leg of the same length as meta-femur, the last one passes the body and elytra, meta-leg is as tall as the body approximately, meso-femurs reach the third transverse line.
doi:10.21608/japp.2021.222797 fatcat:nrhtkzpmrjc63cxiez2qvfd654