SACRD: a data base for fast reactor safety computer codes, contents and glossary of Version 1 of the system [report]

N.M. Greene, V.M. Forsberg, G.B. Raiford, J.W. Arwood, G.F. Flanagan
1979 unpublished
SACRD* is a data base of material properties and other handbook data needed in computer codes used for fast reactor safety studies. This docuaent lists the contents of Version 1 and also serves as a glossary of terminology used in the data base. Data are available in the themodynaaics, heat transfer, fluid Mechanics, structural Mechanics, aerosol transport, Meteorology, neutronics and dosimetry areas. Tabular, graphical and parameterized data are provided in many cases.
doi:10.2172/6399764 fatcat:f5g6gcginja37k75ivaupuzm7u