Safety Light Curtain System Using a Hemispherical Mirror with Multiple Light Sources

Yusuke Kenjou, Ryosuke Suzue, Kohei Miyata, Shiyuan Yang
2013 The Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering 2013   unpublished
Light curtain systems are used to detect intruders in various cases and places. However, it is necessary to adjust the position of the light detecting element accurately in order to receive the irradiating laser light. We propose a new type safety light curtain system that uses a hemispherical mirror and an LED in this research. A hemispherical mirror can reflect irradiating light rays surroundings of 180° in the vertical direction and 360° in the horizontal direction [2] . When an LED is at a
more » ... osition that is higher than the hemispherical mirror, the LED irradiating light can be reflected by the hemispherical mirror, even if the LED is arbitrarily set up. In the case that, the light of LED is intercepted when an intruder passes between the LED and the hemispherical mirror, the output voltage of the light detecting element decreases. We can set a proper threshold voltage value of the detecting element to judge whether an intruder passes or not. Our system uses a PSOC microcomputer to judge the output voltage of the receiving element with the threshold voltage value. In addition, the LED output light is modulated by 10kHz in order to avoid the influence of the surrounding turbulence light. Our experiment succeeded to detect intruder using the proposed system without accurate light axis setting.
doi:10.12792/iciae2013.041 fatcat:3xk6szvxe5bcjkrb5pt44xkinq