Nil Semi-Groups of Rings with a Polynomial Identity

S. A. Amitsur
1966 Nagoya mathematical journal  
The basic properties of associative rings R satisfying a polynomial identity p[x 1..., xn ] = 0 were obtained under the assumptions that the ring was an algebra [e.g., [4] Ch. X], or with rather strong restrictions on the ring of operators ([1]). But it is desirable to have these properties for arbitrary rings, and the present paper is the first of an attempt in this direction. The problem is almost trivial for prime or semi-prime rings but quite difficult in arbitrary rings. The known proofs
more » ... The known proofs for algebras have to be modified and in some cases new proofs have to be obtained as the existing proofs fail to exploit the known structure. In the present paper we extend the results of [1] on the nil subalgebras of a ring with an identity for arbitrary multiplicative nil semi-groups of the ring and for arbitrary rings.
doi:10.1017/s0027763000011909 fatcat:tqg24xrogrbdvlihtbzjuv27mm