Research on the Distribution Characteristics of the Bulking Coefficient in the Strike Direction of the Longwall Goaf Filled with Slurry

Wenyu Lv, Tianqi Song, Wenzhe Gu, Fengqi Qiu, Panshi Xie, Kai Guo
2023 Sustainability  
Coal gangue slurry filling is an important technical means for harmless and large-scale disposal of gangue under low-interference conditions, and is one of the most important ways to achieve green mining, which is in line with the national concept of green development. This paper systematically expounds the technical background and scientific connotations of the birth of slurry filling, clarifies the key technology and process principles of slurry filling, and constructs the lag distance and
more » ... imization method of slurry filling based on the bulking coefficient. In order to explore the distribution law of the bulking coefficient of the overburden broken zone in the mining process, UDEC numerical simulation and similar simulations were used to analyze the movement law of a coal seam roof and the distribution characteristics of the bulking coefficient. The results show that with the evolution of the spatial structure of the overlying strata of the goaf, the subsidence of the coal seam roof decreases from the bottom to the top, and finally becomes stable. In the advancing direction of the working face, the bulking coefficient decreases continuously, and shows certain zoning characteristics. With the mining, it moves forward periodically with dynamic changes. In the strike direction, it can be divided into three areas: the natural accumulation area, the load-affected area and the gradual compaction area. Finally, the lag distance of slurry filling is determined to be 60 m, and the effect of adjacent grouting filling is good in the field test.
doi:10.3390/su15032508 fatcat:eyyyibm6wzgfdkgdc2xri6c7a4