Process-Oriented Approach In Teaching Writing Narrative Text

Paramitha Lantu, Ika Paramitha Lantu, Vivin K Modjanggo
2020 unpublished
This research aimed at developing students' writing ability in writing narrative text through the implementation of Process-Oriented Approach. Based on researchers' previous observation, some problems faced by the students in writing, such as difficult to organise ideas, using correct writing mechanism and grammar. Thus, Process-Oriented Approach chosen to replace Result Oriented approach. This research employed Classroom Action Research design by Kemmis and McTaggart (1988) where planning,
more » ... where planning, acting, observing and reflecting conducted in two cycles at English Education Study Program of Sintuwu Maroso University Poso. The objects were the fourthsemester students who enrolled in Writing II class in 2018/2019. The data were collected from observation sheets, field notes, questionnaire, and test. The criterion of success was that the students should get a score of at least 75 or B and at least achieved by 80% of the students in the class. In analysing the gained data, the researchers used the theory of analytical writing model assessment by O'Malley, M.J. and Pierce, V.L., in 1995. The findings revealed that in cycle I, there were 26 (67%) students were success and 13 (33%) students failed. Therefore, the revised plan was implemented in cycle 2. The successful students increased to 90% (35 students) and the failed students decreased by 10% (4 students). It indicated that the criterion of success was achieved in cycle 2. Thus, Process-Oriented Approach is effective in developing the students' ability in writing, particularly writing narrative text at English Education Study Program of Sintuwu Maroso University.
doi:10.13140/rg.2.2.22785.61285 fatcat:edmkhghsyrdi5aiwkiailylkam