Improved measurements of the partial rate asymmetry inB→hhdecays

Y. Chao, P. Chang, K. Abe, K. Abe, H. Aihara, Y. Asano, T. Aushev, S. Bahinipati, A. M. Bakich, Y. Ban, I. Bedny, U. Bitenc (+140 others)
2005 Physical Review D  
We report improved measurements of the partial rate asymmetry (Acp) in B -> h h decays with 140fb^-1 of data collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB e+e- collider. Here h stands for a charged or neutral pion or kaon and in total five decay modes are included: K-+ pi+-, K0s pi-+, K-+ pi0, pi-+ pi0 and K0s pi0. The flavor of the last decay mode is determined from the accompanying B meson. Using a data sample 4.7 times larger than that of our previous measurement, we find Acp(K-+ pi+-)
more » ... Acp(K-+ pi+-) -0.088+-0.035+-0.013, 2.4 sigma from zero. Results for other decay modes are also presented.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.71.031502 fatcat:xcma53da3jhtvg5w2qbvcjn7uy