Evaluating Taiwan's air quality variation trends using grey system theory

Shuen‐Chin Chang, Tzu‐Yi Pai, Hsin‐Hsien Ho, Horng‐Guang Leu, Yein‐Rui Shieh
2007 Zhongguó gongchéng xuékan  
According to geographical characteristics and air quality conditions, the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency has divided the island into 7 air quality regions (AQRs) including Northern, Chu-Miao, Central, Yun-Chia-Nan, Kao-Ping, I-lan and Hwa-Tung AQRs. The grey relational grade (GRG) of all AQRs and nationwide grade were calculated to comprehend the level of contamination. Then the grey model GM (0, N) was used to evaluate the effects of 5 primary contaminants on air quality. The results
more » ... dicated that the ranking of air quality for the 7 AQRs from the best to the
doi:10.1080/02533839.2007.9671264 fatcat:63nyxvd66rggzchrdco6umyerq