Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Computing Optimal Knockout Tournaments

Amelia Bădică, Costin Bădică, Ion Buligiu, Liviu Ion Ciora, Doina Logofătu
2021 Mathematics  
We study competitions structured as hierarchically shaped single-elimination tournaments. We define optimal tournaments by maximizing attractiveness such that the topmost players will have the chance to meet in higher stages of the tournament. We propose a dynamic programming algorithm for computing optimal tournaments and we provide its sound complexity analysis. Based on the idea of the dynamic programming approach, we also develop more efficient deterministic and stochastic sub-optimal
more » ... thms. We present experimental results obtained with the Python implementation of all the proposed algorithms regarding the optimality of solutions and the efficiency of the running time.
doi:10.3390/math9192480 fatcat:7gjkaxd42zea5n37z6udu2hqvm