Predictability study of the pharmacodynamic properties of drugs in silico by the example of comparing data on the naphazoline clinical use and the results of computer modeling

V. S. Ivanov, A. B. Seleznev, E. V. Ivchenko, D. V. Cherkashin, G. G. Kutelev, Yu. G. Boyko
2020 Vestnik of Russian military medical Academy  
The forecast of naphazoline pharmacological properties has been made using the PASS computer program and the ADVER-Pred web resource of the Way2Drug information and computing platform. Biological activity, mechanisms of action, toxic and side effects, as well as other types of activity of the studied drug associated with interaction with antitargets, metabolism and gene expression regulation have been determined. The results of the naphazoline pharmacological properties forecast obtained in
more » ... co have been compared with the information available in the literature about its systemic effects in clinical use and poisoning.It has been established that the studied chemical compound has a very wide spectrum of action, which is primarily associated with the stimulation of adrenoreceptors and imidazoline receptors located in many organs and tissues of the body. At the same time, other mechanisms of naphazoline action forecasted in silico allow us to determine possible directions for further research of its clinical use. Among the toxic and side effects, along with such known adverse events as effect on the central nervous system and arterial hypertension, in the clinical use of naphazoline special attention should be paid to the cardio-, hepato- and nephrotoxic effects forecasted with a high degree of probability. The prominent toxic effect of naphazoline can cause the occurrence of life- threatening conditions - acute cerebrovascular disorder, myocardial infarction, cardiac rhythm disorders, acute left ventricular failure. The obtained data confirm that the use of modern computer methods that provide an assessment of biological activity based on the drug-like compound graphic formula allows us to obtain a forecast with a high degree of confidence for both new pharmacological substances and for drugs approved for clinical use in order to clarify their pharmacological properties.
doi:10.17816/brmma50068 fatcat:h6f7xp3ivvcsrlmzo4atpljmqe