EP-1441: Evaluation of Eclipse Rapidplan for semi-automatic treatment planning of prostate radiation treatment

M. Zamburlini, J. Krayenbühl, Y. Najafi, S. Verlaan, S. Graydon, T. Streller, S. Klöck
2015 Radiotherapy and Oncology  
3rd ESTRO Forum 2015 S779 C++/CLI function calls. The interface connects to RayStation by identification of its process ID and setting up a pipe to its scripting client. The library handles the required memory conversions and communicates with a RayStation instance through direct IronPython calls. The NRC interface was tested by its integration in our in-house research TPS Dynaplan. Results: A clinical case for a prostate treatment was imported from the RayStation database into Dynaplan through
more » ... to Dynaplan through the NRC interface. After the generation of a treatment plan in Dynaplan, the respective leaf configurations were sent to RayStation (through the NRC interface) and incorporated into a new plan and beam set. Subsequently a dose calculation request was sent to RayStation. An automatic window focus change to RayStation allowed for clinical approval of the dose distribution, which in the meantime was also sent to Dynaplan. Conclusions: We successfully developed a library to interface the RayStation scripting API through native C++, allowing a risk decrease for the use of research software in a clinical environment. We could show by example how the NRC interface can be used in Dynaplan by exploiting the synergy of scripted access to a certified TPS and the power of traditional programming models. The legal implication on inhouse developed software used in combination with an API of a certified TPS will need to be further evaluated based on local and European legislation changes.
doi:10.1016/s0167-8140(15)41433-1 fatcat:jied4ugmbndxzi4lpx6lo4g4wi